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September 16, 2009

“Words have always been changed by people; and people have always been changed by words.”

I've frequently turned to my books of quotations when I needed inspiration for a headline, speech, promotional piece or even filler for a newsletter.  I'd find a nugget that would resonate, smile at the perfect wording, and use it for my client. But I never thought of putting a plethora of those powerful statements on three-by-five cards to paper my walls, or posting one of them in my office in hopes that it might provide a teachable moment for someone who walked into my workplace. But Dr. Mardy Grothe has me thinking today. That headline is a Grothe original.

Grothe started his quotation journey in college (thanks to Thoreau's Walden), covering his apartment's walls in the inspirational wordings that he'd discover daily. Want to change your life or help someone change theirs? Post some thought-provoking quotes in your business.
You'll become the company's "philosophical officer," says Grothe, who's billed as America's most popular quotation anthologist. The psychologist turned business consultant and platform speaker has parlayed his passion for quotes into five books for language lovers (written within one decade!): Ifferisms, Oxymoronica, I Never Metaphor I Didn't Like, Viva la Repartee, and Never Let a Fool Kiss You or a Kiss Fool You. He shared tidbits from those books and kept his audience well-entertained on September 15 at the Central Library in Des Moines.

Sixty-seven-year-old Grothe admits he'd frequently use a thought-provoking quote as a response to a patient in his clinical practice in Boston. Does he "talk in quotations" in conversations to family members? Nope, he says, but Grothe's heard that a marriage has been saved by his "Quotes of the Week" newsletter. The subscriber now makes his wife breakfast and reads her Grothe's email epistle every Sunday.

One couple attending the Des Moines presentation read Grothe's books to each other, and Grothe says that reading to your partner is an excellent relationship-builder for couples. Hmm. I purchased his "Viva la Repartee: Clever Comebacks and Witty Retorts from History's Great Wits and Wordsmiths."  Start expecting the Schoffners to be sharing better wisecracks and off-the-cuff comments in the weeks ahead.

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