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November 01, 2010

A Rally Message: Eat, Pray, Vote

On Saturday I was part of the overflowing crowd of 215,000 who traveled to the National Mall for Jon Stewart's Rally to Restore Sanity (along with Stephen Colbert's Rally to Restore Fear). It shut down streets, overloaded the transit system and eliminated cellphone calling for blocks. Not that I was trying to tweet or contribute to Facebook. I was too caught up in the moment while being pressed into thousands of other happy people who were just glad to be there to laugh (takes much less effort than hating), soak up the signs and attention-getting costumes, and use my presence to make a statement: civility matters!

Here are just a few of the many memorable signs: Think Outside the Fox; Tea Parties are for Little Girls and Mad Hatters; If You Don't Believe in Government Perhaps You Shouldn't Run for it; New Conservative Ideas: (followed by a large empty space); I Don't Like It When You Yell at Me Like That; Team Fear; and We Have Nothing to Fear But Fear Itself...and Maybe Sarah Palin.  

But the sign I want to share most is shown below. Hope you're proud to be doing the same on Tuesday.




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Watched the whole thing Pam! I didn't find you, but hopefully you were well placed within view of one of the big-screen tv's. What a cool thing. Not sure it did any good, though!

I wish I could see all this with my own eyes too!

great!! the guy at the picture is a good role model in encouraging others to vote and be active in government activities.. it is persuading the voters especially the youth to be part of a rally that aims to achieve the same goal.. at the same time to enjoy..

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